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The Only Factory Direct Drop in Upgrade/ replacement control board dual color.

We worked Directly with Tronxy to get the exclusive deal to offer the factory parts needed or replace parts on your tronxy printer.  Touch screen and 32 bit control board, second extruder with firmware loaded.

               Board size:100*75mm
               Input Voltage/ Current:12V~24V/10~15A
               Power:Switching power supply / Power adapter
               Motor Driver:1/16 microstepping Allegro A4988 *4(support for external motor drive)
              Temperature Sensor Interface:100K NTC (thermistor)*2
              Screen:2.8 -inch TFT color touch screen
              Communication Baud Rate : 115200
              Support File Format:Gcode (can be defined)
              Machine Structure Supported:XYZ type, Ultimaker type, Hbot/CoreXY type, Delta/Kossel type.

Pictures are of the exact items not factory images. 

Price includes shipping to most countries!!!!

 We Now carry the full line of modules for this control board.
       Expandable modules:WIFI module, SD card slot module, 

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