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Tronxy X3A 3D Printer

Brand Name:Tronxy

Model Number:X3A

 Print size :220*220*300mm ,Print Speed :20-150mm/s
 Aluminium Structure , XYZ axis mount : Aluminium trails asembly ,high steadiness
extruder Nozzle :MK8 Nozzle

Nozzle size :0.4mm(default) ,0.2mm ,0.3mm,0.5mm(optional)

LCD cover box : 2004A with 5 keys buttom .Cooling and safety !
Dual Z-crews rod New upgraded extruder Nozzle

LED screen: Yes
Positioning accuracy:Z 0.004mm, X & Y 0.012mm
Print precision:0.05 mm
MAX Printing Speed:150 mm/s
auto level sensor
Extruder diameter:0.4mm 
Recommended extruder temperature:210°C (the maximum can be set to 260°C max recommended for factory set 245C because of lined throat)
Heating plate temperature:60-120°C (when in a 25°C environment – no drafts)
Best ambient temperature:≥25°C
Connection:via SD card or USB
The file print format:STL,G-Code (SD-Card G-Code only)
Compatibility:for Windows XP,for Windows 7,for Mac
Power:110v/220v 20A

Package included:
1 x 3D Printer

Price includes shipping to most countries!!!!

Here at Customize3D we try to let our customers know our first hand knowledge of printers and their parts and Personall I (Scott Worthington) own one of these and love it but to me it has a few printed upgrade it will need to print to it's fullest protental  first the coldend cooling duct provided with this printer allows a airflow to pass through to the heater block as we recommend so sort of air deflector be used or a different fan duct. then belt tensioning on this setup is not ideal so a printed tensioner would be ideal. the only none printed item we rocoomend is linear rods in place of the single 2020 extrustion tow linear rods to help keep the bed rock solid. now no of this is required but in the long run we airm to get you the best printer for the money and this is something to think about. While Auto level works for some we at C3D recommend Glass beds on all printers and this factory sensor will not work with glass thicker than 2-3mm so we like to let you know that ahead of time

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