Delivery Information

1. You must be 18 years of age to make a purchase.

2. Only payments from verified paypal accounts will be accepted. If you send payment with a non-verified paypal account, your purchase will be refunded.

3- Orders are only shipped to addresses that are linked to your paypal account or credit card. If you wish to have your order shipped to a different address, you have to write proper annotations in the paypal payment form to specify “Please ship to: (insert address)”

4. If you wish to make a claim for a defective product, you have to do so within 48 hours of receiving your order. Orders require signature on arrival. Customize3D reserves the right to refuse any kind of refund or parts replacement if you do not place a complaint within 48 hours. Customize 3D cannot accept claims under the pretence that you were busy and did not have time to test the product until weeks after the product was delivered to you. If you do not have time to test the product upon arrival, claims for defective products will not be accepted. Please consider this and do not place an order if these terms are unacceptable to you.

5. If you need to make a claim for a defective product, please send images and videos to show clearly what the problem is. If the evidence you send is inconclusive, Customize 3D reserves the right to ask for specific images or videos before processing your claim.

6. As per PayPal’s terms of services, Customize 3D reserves the right to request that you return the product for inspection. If Customize 3D chooses to exercise this right, replacement parts will not be sent and refunds will not be issued until the defective product has been received for proper inspection. Upon receiving the defective product, we will contact you within 48 hours with a proposed resolution.

7. Customize 3D accepts no responsibilities or liabilities resulting from the use of any Customize 3D product.

8. Customize 3D accepts no responsibilities related to delays in postal services.

9. If you receive a parcel that is visibly damaged, open, or showing that it may have been opened, you are expected to open the package in front of the postal delivery person to verify the content. By accepting a damaged box without inspecting the content, Customize 3D may not be able to get compensation from the Postal Services responsible for the damage, and as such, Customize 3D will not compensate you. If in doubt, open the box and check it before you sign for having received it. Make the postman wait 2 minutes while you verify the content and explain to the postman that because the box is damaged, you need to check before you accept for it. If damaged or missing items, simply do not accept for the parcel and contact us right away with a full report of what was damaged or missing.